Below, I have included code samples that show a variety of the languages and technologies I know. With each example, I have included a brief description of what the end goal was.

ossec-cookbook - Chef cookbook for the OSSEC application. OSSEC is a host intrusion detection system.

2fa_check.rb - Used Github API to find users in org that did not turn on two factor authentication and were out of compliance. {% gist jonDowdle/6ffe49da5d1e6b506f61 2fa_check.rb %}

ironMqStats.rb - Sensu plugin to monitor the size of queues. {% gist jonDowdle/6ffe49da5d1e6b506f61 ironMqStats.rb %}

generate_bg_images.rb - Used by Jekyll to generate a random image for posts that don’t have a background image. Used on my personal blog. {% gist jonDowdle/6ffe49da5d1e6b506f61 generate_bg_images.rb %}

worker.js - Used to add business intelligence to signup data for the purpose of lead qualification. Used RabbitMQ as a broker so that Clearbit or Hubspot API latency didn’t slow down signup process. {% gist jonDowdle/6ffe49da5d1e6b506f61 worker.js %}

Dockerfile - Small Docker file to install Hugo (a static site generator) into a container. This was used in conjunction with Codeship’s new Docker infrastructure to build & deploy a technical blog. {% gist jonDowdle/6ffe49da5d1e6b506f61 Dockerfile %}

Terraform.dockerfile - A dockerfile to install Terraform. Used in the running of Terraform from Jenkins. {% gist jonDowdle/6ffe49da5d1e6b506f61 Terraform.dockerfile %} - Used to generate a OSSEC server using Terraform. {% gist jonDowdle/6ffe49da5d1e6b506f61 %}