While in a bookstore a few weeks ago, I had a flash back to middle school and it's summer reading lists. So I picked up a few books to read during the months of blazing temperatures and constant thunderstorms.

The books range from geeky to philosophical. Some of them are for pure enjoyment and others for professional development. Thanks to LibraryThing.com for the book covers.

Professional Development

I started reading software books to fill the void that existed between what I learned in school and wasn't learning on the job. I started by searching for top recommended books and ended up with one of the books being Code Complete by Steve McConnell. Code Complete is a great book to read (and re-read), but the most important thing was at the end McConnell has a list of books to read for professional development. I can't find the same list, but there is good information on his companies website.


Just For Fun

I've always enjoyed Gibson's books, so enough said for Spook Country. Speaker for the dead has been on my list to read for awhile, actually ever since I finished Ender's Game, which is another book I'd highly recommend. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance caught my eye, and started this read-a-thon, when I saw it at the bookstore. I've heard the book referenced in the oddest of places, so I thought I'd give it a shot and so far so good!