Two weeks ago I posted to Twitter that Emily and I would be moving to Washington, D.C.  I wanted to fill in the blanks for anyone that hasn't heard the whole story.

Around mid-November, I applied for a job after seeing a post on Sam Farmer's blog. Long story short, one phone interview, one trip to D.C. and four months later, I formally accepted a position with the Interfolio team. I've now officially started in my new position and thought a blog post was deserving.

As far as time lines, I will be working from home for the rest of May and we're moving during the first week of June. We're both excited for the great opportunities that this move presents to us.

Also, I'd like to say thank you to the team that I left at Mojo Interactive. If you're looking for a Coldfusion job in the Orlando area, send me your resume and I'll pass it to the right person at Mojo Interactive.