At CFinNC, Sam Farmer mentioned that one draw back of using CF Builder as a plugin was that you don't have the CF Builder icon displayed. While I agree this isn't a huge issue, it does take a bit away from the 'experience' (OS X looks good and who are we to detract from that?)

Good news, it's an easy fix. You'll soon have a nice high-resolution icon for both your dock icons and

  1. Save the Coldfusion PNG from Wikipedia ( to your hard drive
  2. Convert the PNG from step 1 to an ICNS and save back to your hard drive. (I used iConvert
  3. Open /Applications/eclipse (or wherever you installed Eclipse)
  4. Right click on Eclipse, select Show Package Contents
  5. Go to Contents > Resources
  6. [Optional] Rename Eclipse.icns to Eclipse_old.icns
  7. Copy Eclipse.icns from step 1 into the Resources folder
  8. Launch Eclipse
  9. Enjoy.

You should then see something like this:

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