I'm extremely happy to have completed it. A lot of things went well and I don't want to dwell too much on the negative, but I would like to also learn from any mistakes that were made.

One of the things that went well was that my openers were appropriate. I got all three with ease. I based them roughly on what I had been able to easily get for three reps in the previous month. One thing that helped was that I wrote them down the day before. When asked what my openers were, it was pretty simple, I just rattled them off.

Another thing that went well was spending the night close to the meet. From home, the meet location should have been about 90 minutes away. But, with the Friday night traffic that ballooned to 3 hours. If we had driven to the meet the morning of, I don't think we would have even made it (not to mention my nerves would be shot and I'd be crazy tired).


As I said earlier, the opener went very well. I was nervous but even with that, I didn't miss the commands or struggle with the weight. For my second attempt I went with my pre-prepared plan and picked a weight I had PRed with recently in the gym (315 lbs). It went well but was a little bit of a struggle (due almost certainly to my way-to-low depth). Since that was a bit of a struggle, I only went up 10 lbs and took 325 lbs for my third attempt. It went up but I had a small sticking point (again, way too deep).


I opened with 205 lb which was pretty easy (even with waiting for the "press" command). I then went to 220 lb because I wanted a middle spot between my opener and my gym PR (240lb). That went up fairly easy so I chose to go for a PR at 245lbs for my third attempt. I lowered it without much issue but about 1-2" off my chest, it got stuck. I'm not sure why, I've pressed 240lb before and with all the nutso (3x a week) benching involved in Sheiko it really should have been possible. Either way, it kind of sucked. I think I may have stressed my shoulder/front-delt a little much a little too close to the meet. Up to 1-2 days out, I felt tight/sore around my left shoulder area.


After my last bench attempt, my left neck/trap area was hurting. To minimize the pain a bit, I slathered on some liniment and got ready for the last event. After a few warmups my energy levels started dropping, so I gobbled up a 5-hour energy and some pineapple juice. The opener (385lb) went very well and I was happy to finally get to use a deadlift bar. It was so nice. I put my second attempt at 405lb and it went up like a breeze. For a final attempt, I didn't want to overshoot and miss like I did with bench, so I took it easy and only did 425lb. The bar speed was extremely fast and I think I had an extra 30lbs in me (at least).

Next meet

While I don't have an event picked out yet, I'm planning to do another meet later this year.

I made a little list of things I would have done differently…


I didn't get any footage of bench but here's the squat and deadlift attempts.