Being a new manager is hard. It’s rare to find a company that will train you and support you outside of tossing you in the deep end with a brief “You now have direct reports, good luck!”.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find a place that encourages growth, socializes concepts and materials that go a lot further than the above. Within that I’ve found some extremely useful resources to help stay on the path.

Additionally, I’ve found that I am sharing the same resources multiple times and while I do appreciate the personal touch of sending something individually each time, I want to save some keystrokes for myself! Without further ado below are some of the resources that I’ve found extremely useful as a newer manager.


  1. The Effective Manager
  2. The Manager’s Path
  3. The Effective Hiring Manager
  4. Extreme Ownership
  5. The Dichtomy of Leadership

Meta: Here’s my GoodReads List of “leadership” books I’ve read


  1. The One Important Thing - “On Management” Part 1, 2 & 3. Overall this is an excellent podcast with great audio quality and relevant insights. As of this post, there is a 3 part series on management. Lopp and Lyle go over what management is from both an engineer’s perspective as well as a VP’s perspective. The series of these is worth listening to. One salient point for me was when Lopp described management as a creation exercise where the atomic units are people (I’m paraphrasing greatly).

Note: If and when I find new resources, I’ll add them above.