General remarks

  • Most are OSX and/or iOS applications.
  • Most are paid or trial ware.

Day One

OSX and iOS

While I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like, I find keeping a journal a very good experience. Even a reflection on something as little as one minute after it happened helps keeps things in perspective.

Dark Sky

Note: iOS only

I know when it will rain down to the minute, thanks to Dark Sky. One of my main uses is to know when I can pop out to walk the dog.

Sublime Text 3

Being a developer, I get a ton of miles out of this one. Even if you aren’t a developer and are looking for a much better plan text editor than Notepad or TextEdit, give Sublime a shot.

If you’re a developer and don’t know if you should try Sublime, do it. You can thank me later.


Note: OSX and iOS only

Task management applications are a dime a dozen these days. OmniFocus was there from the start. And as much as I want to be angry at them for not releasing a new version for OSX yet - I can’t. The application is that good.


OSX only

I love markdown. In that same vein - Marked is a great little application for viewing what the rendered markdown will look like.


OSX and iOS

I’m not sure why I was such a holdout on getting ByWord. It’s a fantastic app for non-code writing.

MindNode Pro

OSX and iOS

I don’t find mind mapping the best approach for everything but when I want to mind map, I turn to MindNode Pro.


Note: iOS only

Great “notepad” application for iOS. In addition to a clean writing UI - it also has “actions”. You can send the text from your “draft” to many applications.


I once heard it wasn’t a good idea to use the same password on every website. If you’ve heard the same thing (a few times), checkout 1Password.

I recently converted from LastPass as I just couldn’t stand the butt ugly UI any longer. Truth be told, I didn’t need the “cloud storage” that LastPass provided. Now I have 1Password on my MacBook Pro and iPhone. No problems, it just works.


OSX only

Apple’s terminal is still lacking (even now that it finally has tabs). If you spend a decent amount of time in the terminal, checkout iTerm. It has support for multiple profiles and does a bang up job.